CicArMiSatDB is a web resource for exploring microsatellite (Simple Sequence Repeat) markers information for Chickpea. It provides valuable marker information to the chickpea breeding community. User may use this database to find marker information and explore them through the associated BLAST and Genome Browser implementations.

CicArMiSatDB could be mined by type of microsatellite (simple and compound), repeat pattern of motif (di- to hexa-nucleotide), presence of custom repeat motif and genomic locations. Integrated BLAST search enables one to search for existing SSR markers given a genomic sequence. Currently, the database contain 48,298 SSRs which are reported by Varshney et al 2013 .

This database is designed in-view of the applications of SSR markers for the development and overall improvement of the crops and their genotypes of interest and we hope that it provides simlified and straightforward approach. Principally, the site is aimed at those who wish to obtain information about SSR markers; e.g., the sequence upon which they are based, type of SSRs like genic or non-genic and obtain primers used for their identification.

There are additional links provided in the ‘Resources’ page that helps to gather information which are publicly available.

Doddamani D, Katta MA, Khan AW, Agarwal G, Shah TM, Varshney RK: CicArMiSatDB: the chickpea microsatellite database. BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:212.


This database work was funded by CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme and Australian India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) in parts.

Center of Excellence in Genomics, ICRISAT